Tax Resolution

Tax Settlements

Most television and radio commercials promise impressive results; however, what they don’t tell you is most people don’t qualify for settlement or currently not collectible (CNC) status.  Their high pressure sales tactics are designed to get you to wire transfer a retainer fee (usually several thousand dollars) before they begin working on your case.  Then comes the bad news – you don’t qualify and a significant part of your retainer has been used up.  I don’t charge for initial consultations and will explain your options in detail before we talk about money.


The IRS is responsible for proving a taxpayer’s income.  The taxpayer is responsible for substantiating deductions.  This process can be difficult and complex, often with devastating financial consequences.  Together we can identify areas of potential concern before the audit begins.

Gambling Refunds

The State of Michigan taxes all gambling winnings that exceed $1,200 and issue a W-2G at year’s end.  Often, a gambler will incur losses that reduce or exceed winnings subject to tax; the result is the gambler is due a refund of State Tax.  In order to qualify for a refund, gamblers must substantiate their losses.  Our firm has successfully assisted gamblers get refunds for past and current years.

IRS Representation

See how we can most effectively help you with your tax issues.  We’ll first discuss what options you qualify for and what is best for your specific situation.  This is done during your free initial consultation.

We’ll talk to the IRS for you to:

  • Determine if what the IRS states you owe, is actually what you owe them.
  • Order detailed transcripts from the IRS to determine what types of monies are owed and their statute expiration.
  • Design a strategy best suited for your situation.

Strategies for repayment:

  • Paying taxes in full
  • Disputing the tax liability
  • Installment plans
  • Preparing an Offer in Compromise (OIC)
  • Innocent or equitable spouse defense
  • Waiting for collection statute to expire
  • Classified as currently not collectible
  • Bankruptcy

Don’t deal with the IRS until you talk to us. Contact us immediately at 269.323.3400 or email