Business Law

Business law in Michigan encompasses all the laws that determine the formation and operation of a business.  Deciding which form is best for you is what we do best.  Unlike most attorneys, I have the perspective of business ownership as well as the legal background.  I can give you perspective and advise on all aspects of business from formation to dissolution.

New Business Establishments

Provide counsel with the structure, financing and entity choices when starting a new business.

Corporations and L.L.C.s

Assist clients with the selection and documentation involved with the initiation and continuing obligations involved with Corporations (“C” Corps and “S” Corps) and Limited Liability Companies.

Buying and Selling a Business

Representation of clients in the transactional process of the buying or selling of a business.

Succession Planning

Advise clients throughout the process of planning and the ultimate implementation of an inter-generational business transfer.

Business Planning

Provide professional advice in a proactive manner for the success of clients’ business enterprises.

Business Litigation

Initiation and defense of simple and complex business litigation matters in both Michigan and Federal Courts.

Partnership Operations

Counsel clients in all aspects of partnership organizations, including their formation, agreements, registration, ongoing documentation and dissolution.

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